• Talia Basma

Vote Vote Vote

I’m gonna say something really wild but...go vote. If you’re an American citizen it’s crucial that you do some research and vote for the laws and leaders you’d think would protect Earth. Voting isn’t just filling in some bubbles make sure you think about the options given and vote the best you can. It‘s a crazy notion, but don’t just vote for whoever will line your pockets, they don’t care about you. I know who I’m voting for even though they aren’t my top choice. I can go on and on about why I don’t like Trump but people are going to vote for him, maybe you’re one of them.

The thing is, the joke is on both of us, both the democrats and republicans. We are simply all pawns in their game for political power. I don't want Biden nor did I want Clinton, but I sure as hell didn’t/still don't want Trump. Crazy enough, none of them really care about me. None of them think about me when they sign war laws and the like. None of them really think about the damage they did to Afghanistan or the American troops. None of them really want to make the world better. It’s one of those catch-22s. They may have joined politics to change the world, to make their country better, but to get to the top of politics you have to sell your soul a little bit. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions, but they are few and far between.

Elections shouldn’t be hard. We should be voting for the best option, the one that will help society. But they made it a selfish thing. Pick whoever will profit/benefit me more. Morals have become a matter of option. Yet, if you ask someone: is killing wrong, is stealing wrong, is justice important, most of us would have the same answers regardless of our political background. The politics are in the technicalities, in the how and why we give our answers. We have people who are brainwashed into thinking their way is the right way. I’m not just talking about Trump folks. I’m talking about left and right alike. We are all so busy punching each other trying to have the last word while the Capitol I mean government sits in their homes safe and sound.

Please don’t let them silence you. Vote. Play the system a bit if ya have to (it’s already being play via gerrymandering so really you‘re ~fixing~ it). Vote by October 21st if you’re doing it via mail. Look for ballot drop boxes near you. Make sure your vote is made well before November 3rd.

If my rant didn’t persuade you, then November 3rd is my birthday so as a gift to me just freaking vote. ✌🏽

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