• Talia Basma

That Was The Verse

Updated: Jan 5

They fill your heart with apologies

Every time you cry foul

Saying they are too old to change

You beg to no avail

But their bruises of the past refuse to fade

Minds half out the door

Souls regretful and wanting

A life that can never be theirs

Everyone loves to wish

As if a star will make a new

You'll try to do better

But find your parents’ reflection staring back at you

P.S. This poem is in "response" to This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin. It's a poem I have enjoyed reading over a hundred times and I WISH I could remember which poet said to read a line and then write your own in response. It could have been Fatimah Asghar or Safia Elhillo (I think it was Elhillo) or neither to be quite honest but I do see them on my IG feed them most. My memory is failing me here, I’m sorry.

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