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Religion vs Atheism

This piece is risky to write for several reasons, but I just need to say it: Muslims are not on the Earth to kill non-Muslims. It seems to be hard for people to understand this very basic truth. I will also admit yes, there are people who call themselves Muslim and in fact kill people. They are not the majority.

What has prompted this from me, you are definitely wondering. Well, Twitter. I saw someone I follow Tweet:

I read @caveheraa's tweet and thought I agreed with the sentiment I decided to look at what @vanish_forever was saying too so I opened up their tweet and saw:

Now that you've seen the tweets that have kindled something in my soul, let's talk about them.

What's happening to Uighur Muslims is disgusting and horrendous and I could write a whole novel addressing it, but if you don't know what is happening to them you can click here. The Chinese government claims state atheism and they are totally okay with the annihilation of a specific group of people with a "different" religion. If we break down why it's happening and what China is doing to the Uighur Muslims it's essential forcing their religion–or lack there of–on these Muslims.

When we talk about ISIS or other terrorist organizations that claim they are doing the work of Islam, the Western world is infuriated when they kill non-Muslims (as they should be), but when it's Muslims on the wrong end of terrorism, everyone wants to use excuses. What do I mean? Let's take a loot at what @ikramu_ikramu wrote in response to @caveheraa:

This response is the equivalent of me saying, "ISIS totally misreads the Quran and uses it as an excuse to kill people. They aren't really killing in the name of God."

Both of these are true. But their sentiment is useless to the larger picture. Organizations like ISIS and governments like China are all still killing people. When people say they want to have stricter regulations to stop organizations like ISIS, I'm all for it, except usually those stricter regulations just mean officials and officers being meaner to me than a non-Muslim standing behind me. We need to learn how to tackle terrorism in all it's forms–Muslim, White supremacists, and Atheist.

It's high time we stopped kidding ourselves that no religion is the solution. You'd be offended if I demanded you convert to Islam in the name of peace so you shouldn't be surprised when I'm offended you want me to be Atheist in the name of peace. However, if you are Atheist and you want to be my neighbor, borrow some salt and talk about the weather, I'm totally down for that and I'd hope you'd be down for that too.

I'm so tired of people acting like our violent behavior is due to our religion. I don't know actual stats on this, but from what I do know, almost all religions I've heard about preach peace and respect. At the end of the day, WE are the problem. We are so focused on our own pride and ego that if things don't fit our way, we turn to violence and anger. It's part of our human nature unfortunately and personally my religion is what helps me stay centered.

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