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Information Fatigue

I am a mixed Muslim woman. If you know me at all, that isn't quite a surprise. I identify as Black & Arab. My Blackness isn't "obvious" especially since I wear a scarf so you can't see my hair. However, my parents are literally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Why am I say this? Because even as someone half-Black, I know I have light skin privileges, so if you aren't Black at all there is no doubt you also have privileges. To have privileges isn't bad by default, but to ignore them and not use them, that is where the problem lies.

As someone who just wants Black Lives to Matter, it's been a great and terrible time after the death of George Floyd. It's great to see people uniting for change, realizing how bad racism is within the police force. But it's hard seeing just how many Black people have had to die for us to get here, it's hard seeing clips of George Floyd dying. It's so hard seeing people post quotes about Black lives but then not actually do anything in their day to day to push for change. It's great to see people using their platforms and privileges to spread awareness and actually push for change. It is heartwarming to see every major city having a protest for Black Lives.

I know many Blacks have taken the position that non-Black people do not need to thank them for doing the right thing and while I agree, I want to thank people for doing what's right because it's hard. It's not easy doing the right thing but when we get together to make it happen, magical things can happen. I want to thank them but also demand they keep pushing themselves to do and be better. I demand that of myself, and I demand that of my community as well.

Information fatigue or information overload is a real thing. I think I've learned more about Black lives in the last week than I've learned about any other topic over the course of my life. Though it's a good thing, it's also super stressful and my retention rate for information is declining. I've had to limit my time on social media to make sure my mental health remained stable nevertheless, the information I've learned and will continue to learn is just the beginning. Part of being patriotic is to critique the flaws of our society. I will sign as many petitions, read as many books, go to protests for as long as necessary until Black Lives Matter.

This link is full of resources in regards to Black Lives matter: books, petitions, and more. This link is a petition I created to petition that companies stop playing a role in the Prison Industrial Complex.

Let me know what steps you've been taking to avoid information fatigue while also ensuring you are actively fighting for Black lives. Also, feel free to share any petitions or organizations you like supporting.

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