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Hubble Sees Beyond the Moon

I was on Twitter the other day and someone asked a question looking for a space-themed answer. Because I was curious, I took to Google and started looking around. I stumbled upon NASA's site with their interactive option to see what the Hubble saw on your birthday (not necessarily on your birth year!)

It's SO COOL. I forget to appreciate the sky so I decided to make sure I shared my appreciation via a blog post (because what else can I do really?). There have been so many facts said to me about the sky, many stressful nights where I relax under the stars, and days where I literally danced in the rain. Nevertheless, I'm human, and I've let materialism and just the business of life take my attention away from the glory that is this universe.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful and totally undoing all my appreciation above, my picture from the Hubble left something to be desired in my opinion. It was just a black sky with smudges of gray. I shared it with a friend and said it looks like a smudgy window. Out of curiosity, I looked up the images of my family and friends' birthdays turning a little green at some of the ethereal images. My favorite images has yet to be determined because I ended up falling into a black hole of images, downloading several zip files of Hubble's snapshots.

Game Time: Guess which picture is from my birthday sky.

But really these pictures don't even cover half of the amazing images NASA has. I'm newly obessed with the sky and want everyone to just stare at them with me. Mostly these make me really want to make a moodboard of skies and write a dramatic galaxy-themed story. (All sci-fi I've read and watched has grossly ignored these kinds of images and I just can't fathom HOW.)

Do you like stargazing? Have you seen the galaxy in a telescope (I have not) or thought of it outside of school?

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