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How to Navigate OASIS: Track Your Progress to Your Degree

Newer UC Davis students may feel that they’re left to figure out for themselves how to navigate and use some of the school’s resources effectively. When I first used the UC Davis OASIS—Online Advising Student Information System—I wasn’t quite sure what to do either. Here’s a handy guide to help you through your visit.

First, go to students.ucdavis.edu to log into OASIS using your Kerberos user ID and password. Then your journey to tracking the process of your degree can begin, and these tips can help you through!

Look up your grade level

On the upper left-hand corner of the homepage, locate the picture of yourself (it will be with your name, ID, and Davis email). Next to that, you will find your academic standing (mine just says “in good academic standing”), grade level, and major. Your grade level is determined by the amount of units you have completed.

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Find advising records and resources

Underneath your ID photo, there is a useful list of advising resources specific to your major and field of study. If you need help figuring out who to talk to about your classes, these advising offices are a good place to start. There you will also find your Advising Record, which will let you know what documents/files you may need to submit to the appropriate office for your major. You can also view your Appointment History.

Check your academic record and degree requirements

Near the Home tab on the homepage is the Academic Record section of OASIS, where you can see your grades for all the courses you’ve ever taken (even classes you have transferred from another school).

You can also use this tab to keep track of units completed, in addition to the degree requirements that each class fulfills. Discover your Academic Total, which includes your units completed and current GPA.

Declare a minor, change a major

If you want to submit a form to declare a minor or change your major, you can do that at the Forms & Petitions tab. This section allows you to monitor forms that you’ve already submitted and check their standing, along with the option of viewing some frequently asked questions.

See how your GPA adds up

Here lies one of the most useful features of OASIS: the GPA Charts & Tools tab. In this section, students have the chance to utilize several unique tools to determine the future of their college GPA as they know it.

With the use of the GPA Summary, see a visualization of the course of your GPA over the history of your time as a student at UC Davis.

With Average UC GPA per Major, see how your GPA stacks up against the average of other students in your major.

Also, use the What If GPA feature to see how your GPA will rise or fall depending on what grade you receive in your currently enrolled classes (especially useful right before finals week!).

Take some time to explore

These certainly aren’t the only useful tools on OASIS. At the very bottom of the homepage, you’ll also find quick links to other sites such as Schedule Builder, MyBill, and MyDegree, the last of which is a tool used for tracking your GE requirements.

Originally poster on CourseHero on May 23rd 2018

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