• Talia Basma

George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide Because...

(TW: police brutality) when you look at the numbers

when you see the news

does your blood not boil in anger,

at the consistent injustice?

walking down the street

is a death sentence.

killing an innocent black man

is rarely more than a measly

ten year sentence.

a black man’s life,

a black boy’s life,

ended more than 10 years early

–violently and disrespectfully–

are worth so little to the eyes

of another.

if a group of people came together

and killed more than a thousand people,

in a year’s time they’d be,

called a terrorist organization;

drape them in blue and give ‘em a gun,

now they are heroes and protectors

incapable of bias and poor judgment.

if kneeling at the flag is offensive

how can killing a man be forgiven?

if carrying a gun is allowed

how is having a wallet a crime?

a man with dark skin is at least

twice more likely to be killed.

and with the number of times

Amy Cooper is in the neighborhood

calling the cops for a man simply breathing

it's only statistics that the system kills us.

a child is not born scared of color

they look at everything with wonder

appreciating with kind eyes the world around them

but when the day is done and the news flashing

with tear gas and enraged riots

they look to the grown-ups

asking, am i gonna die?

white is the child who is told

a confident


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