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Father’s Day Heroism and Hilarity: Davis Student Stories

Fathers deserve a little thanks and credit for dealing with our nonsense from childhood to adulthood. They also (often) deserve a good eye-roll or elbow nudge! For this Father’s Day, let us appreciate all the dads and father figures who have stood by our sides even when we were little rascals. At the end of the day, we are always grateful to those who help us as we try to figure out who we are, what we want, and what we need. In honor of Dad’s Day, I spoke with some fellow Davis students about their favorite fatherly memories. Be sure to add your own in the comments!

The king of comedy

“My dad literally has the worst dad jokes, and whenever he makes them he is always the one who laughs the hardest. People laugh after he makes jokes because of how hard he laughs. His laughter is something that never fails to warm my heart, and when I think of all the hardships my dad has gone through, I get so emotional. Happy Father’s Day, Abbu, and thanks for always making me smile.” — Aliza Husain (first year, cell biology major)

The pinnacle of perspective

“My dad is the greatest man I know. He is so wise and I think when you’re older, being wise is something really special and also really rare. I love my dad’s wisdom because I feel like I can give him any instance in my life and he’ll always have the most perfect wisdom to pair it with.” — Tam Shoubber (first year, cognitive science major)

The face of concern

“A few years ago I was getting really bad cramps because it was my first day on my period and my mom wasn’t home, so I went crying to my dad. He was so concerned and asked if it was my first time getting it. I looked at him and said, ‘I got my first period five years ago.’” — Zoha Raza (third year, communications major)

The picture of forgiveness

“When I was 4, I peed on my dad at Disneyland because he didn’t let me go on the roller-coasters. And then, since both of our clothes were ruined, we got matching Disneyland shirts.” — Naveen Ahsan (fourth year, human development major)

The embodiment of empathy

“I like my dad because he always puts his family and others before himself and is a very caring person.” — Moaaz Malik (third year, economics major)

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Originally posted on CourseHero May 29th 2018

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