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Eid Mubarak

As the title says: Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid my fellow friends and strangers. WOW. WE MADE IT YA'LL. WE FINISHED RAMADAN 2020. May our blessing be bountiful and our year be filled with ease now inshAllah/God willing (iA).

I really went through a rollercoaster of emotions this Ramadan. It started and I was like, "We got this in the bag!!!" Then like 5 days in I was ready for it to be over. Day 15 had me gasping in shock because we were halfway there. Crazy stuffs.

For Eid, I’ve decided to DRESS UP. I haven’t worn anything fancier than a sweater and leggings in like three months. I go to the grocery in PJ’s (I’m not gonna have a meet cute anyways because of the distancing part so whateverrr). My Eid isn’t going to be all that different than normal actually. Half the time everyone else is having Eid the day before or after so my family usually goes out for either bunch or dinner. We can exactly go out to eat but we usually do spend the day at home together. Maybe I’ll pull out all our board games...or, if my mom has her way, we’ll go for a healthy & safe hike *cue unexcited sigh*. If it happens I might actually not get dressed up at all. (I’m writing this all before Eid clearly.) I’ll keep y’all posted regardless. It’s what I do best.

What I’m TRULY excited about is reading again. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with books. However, these past two weeks have been a haze and I have some ~religious~ goals I was trying to achieve before the end of Ramadan so if I read, I felt guilty for not reading the Quran instead, but like also I barely had time to pick up a book anyways. We’re keeping this short today so you can have a good time celebrating today.

I know the day isn’t going as you probably planned so mourn the loss but then make sure to come back to being HAPPY we MADE IT. It’s good to celebrate even the littlest of wins (so if you only did one good thing this month cheer yourself on for it.)

How are ya’ll spending your Eid? Did you reach a goal you made this month (religious or otherwise)?

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