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Dayna is not impressed with the news so they shut off the television. Could politicians and people really be this daft? They really wanted to go to their favorite burger joint, Bam Burger, but the business has been closed this past two weeks for sanitization and Dayna hated leaving her house when people were wearing fake or altered goggles like petulant babies.

The new virus has been an enigma to scientists as it seems to be airborne but also infects the eyes. So many people have been saying it is a conspiracy. It's 2091, how could we possibly have something that can kill humans in such large numbers. We've found a legitimate cure for cancer. These people are ignorant of the fact that the world is always changing and everything evolves, even how we can die.

Dayna's mother's favorite saying is, "Everything changes except the fact that everything changes." Dayna looks at her fridge. There are limited quantities of food in the markets and instead of regular shopping, the government has begun talking about rationing food. All these extreme measures are being mentioned and there are still people protesting with signs like, "My eyes, my choice."

They scoffs to themselves. If they had a dollar for all the nonsensical shit people said, they'd be a billionaire and could maybe actually make a positive difference in global issues. Though Dayna didn't love seeing the memes online about people who refused to cooperate dying from DIVOC-91, they really wished people would see how sad and avoidable these deaths were.

Years and years of upgraded technology and protests for justice, yet people still didn't understand basic human rights and selflessness. Maybe if the robots take over, Dayna wouldn't have to deal with this drabble anymore. It could take their job and they wouldn't be a sacrificial hero. Wiggling on their uniform Dayna sighed as they left the house to start their shift at the hospital.

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