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Calling All (Muslim) Creatives

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

This post is a little less guided than my others (if we can call the other posts guided at all). As a writer, I have always dealt with the fluctuating self-doubt that I'm not doing something real. It's not foreign to anyone in the arts, I'm sure. When people ask me what I do, I don't have a job title or the ability to say "I'm in school" anymore. I say I'm writing a novel and currently editing it. I've been blessed to have parents who eventually (and pretty quickly) accepted my career aspirations, but not many people can say that.

So many creatives (writers to dancers to painters) are put in this "starving artist" category and seen as less than. It's not an overt thing. I haven't had many people make any particular comments to me. But when I'm talking about what my projects are, there's this stunned look on the faces of my friends and family. They may love me and support me, but before I introduced them to the life of an (aspiring) author, they really had no idea all the steps it takes to get where I want to me.

This all leads me to my point, I want to call on all creatives, but especially my Muslim creatives. When I heard that Hassan Minhaj's show "Patriot Act" was getting canceled I was genuinely disappointed. There are so many late-night shows that have lasted for years upon years and honestly don't offer that great of content (in my humble opinion) and also none of them are as relatable as I found Hassan to be. Then I saw a post by @themuslimgent that pointed out, we aspire to be on channels like Netflix when really we should create a space for minorities that priorities diverse stories and casts.

There is no shortage of Muslim creatives, I'm 1000% sure. So what I want to do is get us all together. I want us to make our own platform to share our work and to raise each other so that the next time a show with Muslims/Minorities is canceled, it's not the only one of it's kind and we can actually keep enjoy content by people who may be familiar in some ways with our experiences and backgrounds.

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