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Updated: Jan 5

It's unfortunate that this virus has caused so much mayhem. Could COVID-19 leave by any chance? I'm an indoor type of person, but staying at home with six other people is not ideal. (Love my whole family though don't get it twisted.) Despite my blog title and the never-ending TikToks about having nothing to do, I cannot relate! You're probably thinking, "Talia what could a recent jobless graduate be doing all day for so many weeks?" And to that, I'd say just about everything. Cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, taking a class (for my writing), teaching my brothers, entertaining my brothers, and trying to really understand the Quran right now during #Ramadan.

I'm a planner. I like having a schedule and knowing how long something will take me and when I can expect to be sleeping or awake, but with this new "set-up" I'm taking everything day by day. This means I've nixed my regularly scheduled workouts since the gyms closed (I hate working out at home apparently) and I cannot seem to focus on any one thing for more than 30 minutes. In fact, even though I quite enjoy most of the tasks I have to do, I have found a bunch of ways to procrastinate. One super random thing I've been doing is practicing my typing speed? I normally clock in at 45-50WPM which I didn't think was too bad but then I found an editor's position looking for people who can type 60WPM and now I'm ashamed I didn't think more highly of my computer classes in middle school. Am I insane? Do ya'll type 60? If you do, lie to me to make me feel better. JK don't do that. Lying is wrong or something. Some more normal things I've been doing are Procreate calligraphy and learning basic knitting.

I am, however, out of yarn for one of my scarves because it's the Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool the Gang and I cannot afford $50 dollars of yarn for a hobby at the moment (see aforementioned joblessness) but the second scarf isn't out of yarn and it's the thin cheap stuff that looks like a first-timer definitely made it. I will probably shamelessly post it on my Instagram when completed. As for the calligraphy, I've always been into it, I usually use pen and paper, but I'm having fun doing things digitally on my iPad (may as well save paper and make my iPad worth it). Bless the digital lettering sheets I found from Chalk Full Of Love. If ya'll have any hobby recommendations, let me know, because clearly, I don't know when to stop.

And then if I'm not doing any of these things, it's amazing how lost one can get online via social media and Apple Arcade games. I've had to set a time limit for myself lest I let the whole day come and go without me getting out of bed. On top of that, my brothers are insane. Avoid getting quarantined with two seven-year olds who REFUSE to play until 9 PM and then proceed to fight each other and claw at you when you intervene. They are angels, but also definitely got some pent up energy they refuse to release in healthy ways (soccer, basketball, even tag perhaps). Any tips on that?

This was a cry for help if I've ever seen one (hahaha). Whoops, better hope my mom doesn't find this, she'll tell me I'm oversharing. But really what is sharing if it's not oversharing? No? That didn't sound too intelligent? Yikes. Well, clearly I have nothing else of value to add so save me from myself and let me know how you're day is going, your week, month, or year! I'm totally happy to listen.

Much Love,

Talia Basma

P.S Hopefully, my next post won't be so angsty.

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