• Talia Basma


There is no way to live without breath–

Let us breathe–

Let us breathe into this world with our words

With our art

With our logic

With our smiles

With our grit

With our hard-earned


Existing is resisting

only because you want us to disappear

but reap the rewards of

Our sweat ad blood

Tears are my reminder

I am human no matter your hate and ignorance

I'm tired all-day


A human's life should never be up for debate

On if they are worthy of equality.

Criminals we question–but who decides the criminal?

Who calls out the criminal

When they have so much power?

If our protectors are our killers

We must be our own savior

Blue lives is a lifestyle

Black lives are people existing

To be Blue you choose to

work from, for, inside, beside, behind a

b r o k e n


Regardless of your intentions

To be Black one a is born

With a little extra melanin

In their blood and a world ready to stack cards against them

There is no choice

Nor shame in being Black

With a proud B

But yes, I see your shame

even behind your "Blue Lives Matter" poster,

behind your silence and deflections

We know you chose to hate, you chose fear

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