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Blackout Tuesday

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I wanted to do a little post that said places to donate, brands to support, or ways to support the Black community during these ~insane~ times, but then I decided so many people are doing that (yay!) and I wanted to offer something a little different for my subscribers.

What is my different take on informing the public and participating in #BlackoutTuesday you ask? A BOOK RECOMMENDATION. You’re probably laughing because so many people have been recommending nonfiction and realistic fiction that center on Black lives. You can even find a list of 2020 African American releases on GoodReads and other sites. AND YET, the book I’m recommending is completely different. It is a FANTASY with magic and if I'm not mistaken, ONLY Black characters. The book I'm talking about? Children of Blood & Bone. It is the first of an in-progress trilogy called Legacy of Orisha.

The reason I’m recommending it is for the fact that sometimes it’s the fables and tales that reach our hearts. This book was written with both good and bad characters as Black characters, but the stand-in for Black oppression is magic and the level of darkness. Tomi Adeyemi shows us oppression and racism via the way those with magic are treated. With the world she creates, she does two main things 1. Give us beautiful and diverse Black representation 2. Educate us on the way our ACTUAL society treats Black communities even a completely fictional world. She has repeatedly shared that the Black Lives Matter movement played a HUGE role in the making of this trilogy. So, despite the fact that it isn't filled with traditional logos, it has heaps of ethos and pathos infused in the way the characters experience oppression.

If you can’t march, donate, or watch videos, you can (hopefully) read! You can support Black authors who use their influence to support their community and do what they can to keep educating and entertaining. Traditionally, publishing has favored a certain race (cough cough) and the more books you buy, the more diverse your reading will be! (That's a good thing!)

Let me know if there are any Black fantasies you’ve read that you deeply enjoyed! (Or just any book by Black authors, I love my TBR to be never-ending.)

I want to postface this with a couple of things. There are a lot of resources to learn about racism and the history of Black lives so PLEASE feel free to do research and learn more. Black lives have been treated as inferior GLOBALLY since perhaps the beginning of time. We deserve so much more than just waves of hashtagging “black lives matter”. I would encourage you to learn and listen and engage in any way you can. As the saying now goes, all lives can’t matter until black lives matter.

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