• Talia Basma

After the Moon*

Every year comes and goes

without much thought




but when a busy week passes

i am relieved

when an anniversary runs by

i call to it for attention

it pays me no mind

but you do,

you slow down

just long enough

for me to thank you




the sunset rises

the dawn hides

time is not linear

rather infinite

the book in my hand is holy

and welcomes me like

a parade banner

if only i could see you every day

instead you leave the book in my hands

light shining bright as life becomes so simple

and renewed is my faith

in the proof of the two seas

that meet each other

and all He did in between

*In literature we aren't supposed to connect the poet to the poem but thank God this isn’t literature, eh? I just wanted to note that this is a poem inspired by the end of Ramadan. I have read more of the Quran than ever before and so many things have fit in place like a jigsaw puzzle. The title is a ~play~ on words because the surah before 55:19-21 is al-Qamar. Anyways I just wanted to share since reading things like these always feel good.

Eid Mubarak theydies & gentlethems.

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