• Talia Basma

A COVID Halloween 2020

Honestly, all of 2020 has been Halloween. Jerks dressing up as political leaders, things disguised as cake, and everyone (mostly everyone) in masks. Nevertheless, due to COVID, none of us should actually "celebrate" Halloween. Most adults/college students enjoy getting together with friends and maybe a night out looking like a cute witch, but unless you have a potion to make you immune to catching and spreading COVID, you're going to have to skip that this year. As for the little ones, they too cannot go door to door for their regularly scheduled candy.

You may be thinking AH WHAT CAN I DO ON THE SPOOKIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR. Have no fear I'm here to tell you what I'm planning on doing. You can copy me and maybe tag me on IG @taliibee while being cozy at home. Or you can come up with your own ideas and share them in the comments. I'm down either way.

In the morning I'll probably go about my regular Saturday morning routine which is basically working out, showering, breakfast, and then whatever I need to do until 5 PM. After 5 I'd prefer to turn my brain off and so I'll set up a nice little Halloween Pumpkin Hunt (does not have the same ring as Easter Egg Hunt but it'll do) and then I'll let my brothers look for all the hidden candies in the house. Variety candy I'll have bought a decent size bag of from the store. Then after they collect their haul, my family and I will watch a Halloween themed movie in the living room. The twins can eat some of their treasure (and I can steal one or two for myself) while we get into whatever ends up on the screen. I'm rooting for Halloween Town (maybe even Twitches) but my brothers are 7 years old and the rest of my family always has an opinion on our movie nights so we'll see if I'm successful.

Then after the movie, I'll go to bed and read for a bit until I'm sleepy.

TADA. I did it, the perfect Halloween in my honest opinion. I'll be spending max $30 and instead of running after my brothers from house to house, I get to be snug under a blanket in my favorite onesie indoors.

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