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5 Summer Workout Options to Maintain Your Motivation

Many Aggies exercise during the school year as a way to keep their minds and bodies focused. When summer vacation rolls around, though, the motivation to hit the gym can wane. We get it—it’s summer vacation! If you have a go-to workout but are struggling to stay motivated, here are some summer workout options to help shake things up and keep you interested.

Make it intense with Tabata

If you’re a runner but you’re bored with your daily routine, consider upping the ante with Tabata workouts. These are demanding, so it’s cautioned that you already be a regular runner before giving Tabata (named after Izumi Tabata, dean of Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Sport and Health Science in Japan) a go. The main concept is to really crank up the intensity: Run for 20 seconds as fast as possible, then take a 10-second recovery break. Repeat 8 more times. You can do this summer workout along your preferred route or at the Rec Center.

Hit the pool

In the summer, the sun makes the water the best place on earth. Swimming is amazing for your body, and activities like kayaking or paddleboarding could help keep you in shape. Add swimming to your summer workout routine, and you could have fun while also working out some new muscles. Check out the Hickey Pool while the Rec Pool is under construction—there’s a fee waiver for students.

Get punchy

Pilates and boxing sound like two very different types of exercise, but they go together well. The idea behind piloxing is to be both powerful and graceful. The workouts are meant to strengthen your body, improve your balance, and boost your cardiovascular ability. Since Davis doesn’t offer piloxing classes, try a Youtube clip to see if it’s for you. You can also buy a workout DVD from Amazon or Walmart.

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Stretch and strengthen

Yoga is a great way to stretch as well as strengthen your core. Yoga is also known for its mental health benefits. If you’re new to yoga and want to try it, I recommend YouTube Yogi Adriene’s channel “Yoga with Adriene.” Also, check out the Yoga Club at UC Davis Facebook group for information on the UC Davis yoga community.

Change up your scenery

If all else fails, switch up your scenery. If you are a runner, try a new route. If you’re used to indoor workouts, try something outdoors. Your main goal should be to stay motivated by having fun with your summer workout, and sometimes changing up what has become too familiar is what you need.

Originally posted on CourseHero on August 15th 2018

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