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Talia Basma


I love to write (a lot) and help others. Since high school, I knew I wanted to practice both things and possibly make them my career, so here I am. I don't think you should ever stop being true to yourself when your heart is in the right place. My favorite colors are any shade of pastel and I love to bake anything sweet. I'm working on new books and trying to create a safe space for others to express themselves. Feel free to reach out!


How It All Began

When I was in 7th grade doing a class project, I found (and fell in love with) the poem

"The Secret Sits" by Robert Frost: 

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

I didn't realize that this poem unlocked something in me, but it did. I couldn't stop writing poems of my own. I kept trying to find the right words for everything I wrote. It wasn't until I started high school that the writing started to mean something. Some days, I would opt to sit by myself during lunch frantically trying to capture a different reality, limited by the words I knew. Through writing, I've come to understand that being Muslim, being American, being Biracial, being Female, being Introverted, are all part of my story, but they are part of the story of so many other lives. I started "Being" with the goal of sharing my truths, and to remind you all that being yourself is whom you were meant to be. 


Take some time to explore, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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